The main focus of Easy steps 4 kids is a Computer Training Program for kids from ages 3 to 11. Our focus is to get children started on the computer at an early age, so that they can position themselves to take advantage of the vast knowledge base of educational information that is available on the Internet and, in doing so, derive tremendous benefits.

In addition Easy steps 4 kids provides pertinent information for parents of preschoolers and kindergartners that can help in the development of the child. We  also cater to  Primary School age children with our Recommended Websites for ages 5-11+ years. These educational websites have been evaluated by us and are valuable for learning and practice purposes.

Easy steps 4 kids
is based in the warm and sunny island of Barbados. While training classes are held in Barbados for the children of Barbados, the website can be used by parents and children anywhere in the world since it provides useful links to educational  websites for kids and valuable information for parents.

At Easy steps 4 kids, children will get one-on-one training on basic computer knowledge, mouse control skills and age appropriate learning activities through the use of programs that are geared to their age group. They will have fun  doing activities such as learning the alphabet, numbers, phonics, coloring, listening to short stories, memory games and a whole lot more!  See Course Description.

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